Secret Cleaning Tips by Professionals – Part 2


The biggest issue that individuals make is to cleanse bit by bit (this is called “zone cleaning”). It’s too slow! “You can clean your kitchen in four hours or clean your whole house in four hours,” says Lisa Romero. Many people are caught concentrating on one area – for example, do a great job to clean the meters – and never reach the oven, much less in the next room and go quickly and efficiently.”

Most experts advocate the “cleaning tasks”: complete a task, such as dust, in the whole house before starting the next one.  Follow these seven steps, and your whole house will light up in four hours if you are a beginner two and a half times as soon as you become a pro.

Initial point: bathroom on the first floor

“I always start there,” Romero said. “It’s a good place to drop supplies.”

The plan of the attack: From top to bottom, from left to right

For any task, starting at the highest point of space (if the dust could mean high shelves) and moving from left to right in the room. This way, you will not miss anything and will not accidentally knock the dust off the bottom shelves already clean.

Step 1: Dusting

Push all pieces, including the top of all furniture, shelves of shelves and all handrails, as well as frames, TV screens and giggles. “If it is possible to dry the dusting, I do something wet makes it more difficult,” says Romero. To remove fingerprints, moisten a microfiber towel with warm water. Pro Tip: Search. “People do not get married on the top of the furniture, and all the dust builds up there, then it falls,” Romero said.

Step 2: furniture fabric

Cross the house and remove the beds; clean the pillows or blankets of the furniture. Brush the surfaces of the furniture with a vacuum extender, if necessary.

Step 3: Mirror and glass

Clean the mirrors and windows throughout the house. Pro Tip: Do not leave a scratch with a damp, dry microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Surface cleaning

Clean all surfaces and counters throughout the house, disinfect if necessary. Pro Tip: Be sure to clean all places you touch, such as door handles, switches, remote controls, and telephones. “These are the places people have forgotten, and they have germs,” says Payne.

Step 5: Kitchen and bathroom

Cross and clean the jet in bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Back and scrub then clean in the kitchen the inside of the microwave and the doors of the cabinet and the appliance. Step 6 Floors Sweep, then scrub or rub the floors of the bathroom and the kitchen, and all other floors you need. Pro Tip: “I use the bath with my hands and knees with a cloth and a microfiber towel,” said Romero. “So I know I have every corner, even behind the toilet, and they are 100% disinfected.”

Step 6: Empty

“I leave the rooms, down the stairs, through the living room and out of the house,” Romero said. Pro Tip: It is not important to suck every thumb. Go ahead. You get the points you missed next week.

No pro-cleaner likes too many supplies. Your five essentials:

  1. One pouch with 20 microfiber pockets. “I’ve saved thousands of dollars in papers and window cleaners since I’ve worked with microfibers,” says Romero. Be sure to buy quality cloths, usually about $ 1 per garment from a home grocery store and never wash with dryer sheets or a fabric softener. Tip: Before using a detergent to remove dust, just try hot water and microfiber. “It usually works,” Romero said.
  2. A microfiber mop. With a tight budget, it is cheaper and less harmless than disposable candles. Pro-Tip: Ideal for absorbing dust at high and deep corners.
  3. A nylon bristle broom. “It’s not breaking walls or losing hair,” says Payne. Pro Tip: Pull Your Carpet Often works better than a vacuum cleaner.
  4. A Shammy. A synthetic version of the traditional suede, this rubber, and hyper absorbent fabric is ideal for water soaking and the quick polishing of counters and furniture. Pro Tip: Perform a dry shammy on a sofa or floor to collect pet hair.
  5. A backpack. Professional cleaners love backpack style vacuum because they are gentle on the back muscles and facilitate quick movement from one part to another. Tip: Look at the floor. It is easy to vacuum the shelf surfaces, linings, rails and inner compartments quickly when using light extensions.


“His home is like his body – he does not need many products,” says Essie Powell, owner of A-1 Extraordinary Cleaning in Fayetteville, Georgia (who has cleaned homes and advertisements for 37 years). There are good ways to revolutionize your cleaning office.

Instead … deodorants

You might want to try … “Essential Oils,” says Powell. “In my house, I like cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg, I only cook a little in the water, and I let the aroma in the house.”

Instead … universal cleaner

You might want to try … “Hot water and soap dishes,” says Powell. “He does the same.” If you need to disinfect or rinse off heavy dirt, take the Butcher’s Bath Mate.

Instead … carpet cleaner

You may want to try … “You will regularly receive 70% of the dirt, and you will not need a carpet cleaner.”

Instead … wood floor cleaner

You may want to try … A damp cloth with hot water (a mop may be too wet). Enter your hands and knees!

Instead … Just spray mist

Maybe you’d like to try … A microfibre cloth and a white vinegar diluted 1: 3 with water, followed by a disinfectant. “There is no easy way to remove soap and mildew, in addition to washing.”

Instead … window and window cleaner

Maybe you want to try it out … Hot water and a microfibre cloth that often does the trick. For serious cleaning, 1 part ammonia, three parts water and a soap work point for one-tenth of the price.

The secret of Bleach!

For years, I cleaned up with a lot of whitening, just to find the shape that increases a few days later. It turns out that bleach straightener is less effective at killing mold spores and bacteria than bleach. Mix a small amount and use it immediately before it becomes unstable.

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