Secret Cleaning Tips by Professionals – Part 1

We all have the idea that it is important to keep a house clean and this is something we all do differently.

Regardless of where you start, whether in the master bathroom or the kitchen, the results are probably the same, a nice and clean home.

Dumping the drum of daily cleaning, curiosity could occur, and you might ask: “How can professionals clean and what is their secret”?

As a professional home cleaning company, we have advice on how to clean so that it makes sense to have a commercial advantage.

After cleaning the houses as a job, I can tell you what it is. The secret of the professional home – has a strategy.

Professional cleaners should follow a clear plan somehow as they are subject to time constraints and many homes need to be cleaned all day. That’s all we do all day. Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

In this sense, it is important that you have an idea of how to clean. If there is no plan, chaos will prevail, and probably would not be very long in business.

We hope that some of these especially cleaning tips will be useful if not exciting for your overall cleaning approach. So, you’re going to … clean up Mrs. Clean

Are you finished? Let’s take care of the cleaning!

  1. Know your cleaning solutions and surfaces

This makes life much easier if you know exactly which cleaning service works best on the surface that you clean.

There are various strengths of your collection of cleaning solutions that could be applied to various types of moderate to extreme stains.

If you know what works and how they work, you can speed up not only your cleaning time but your effectiveness.


Acid or alkaline cleaners such as vinegar, used in marble, travertine, and other natural stones, destroy or gravitate the finish.

The knowledge of your cleaning solutions comes only with the practice, and you can make some experiences to find out what you want to use.

I know from home cleaning professional experience once you have learned that you are two steps before the game.


  1. Clean from the top and work down

This refers to all aspects of house cleaning.

Start at the top of the house (the top floor) and enter the wine cellar. This is how the professionals in each household do the cleaning.

Here is an example:

When peeling, begin removing the strips of the spider.

Work through dust walls, then frames, doors, mirrors, appliques, mantle, and so on.

The dust of the socks

In this way, only cross-contamination, such as spider webs that fall on dusty paints, prints on vacuumed carpets or dry floors and splashes of unnecessary water on surfaces already cleaned.

By applying this same concept to all areas that need to be cleaned like bathrooms, showers, wells, and toilets, cleaning will be more efficient and easier.

  1. Clean from the back of the room

A good method to use – start at the back of the room and make your way to the front of the room. This way, you offer all your supplies and tools and do not exceed what you have already cleaned.

When emptying the carpet, start the one furthest from the door in the corner.

Secure in the direction of the door while you suck.

  1. Clean one part at a time

When cleaning, start in a room, finish before the next cleaning.

I know it sounds easy, but it’s a good old saying that can help you clean up like a pro.

This way, if you are interrupted during cleaning, you only have a messy area.

It is easier to complete the task by focusing on a piece.

Organized in this way will help you complete your cleaning task.

After completing an area, there is a sense of accomplishment that you can use to fuel your next train.

You can clean your way from one room to another using this method, in front of the house.

  1. Ask each movement to count

Clean only in one direction.

Right or left. This might not emerge as a big deal, but it saves you time and is very effective.

Be effective and do not try to repeat yourself.

The first time, carefully before I go to the next step.

Organize while you clean. Sit up and clean it, especially if you are in a difficult to reach the area.

Turn off fans and lights before leaving the room.

This technique focuses on your task and helps you keep track of what you have already cleaned, so you do not miss a place.

  1. Clean the dry surfaces

Clean all dry surfaces. This applies to bathrooms, kitchens and floor areas. Always dry metal and wood floors to remove water stains.

If you wipe the surfaces rather than let them dry in the air, you will shine, but you will also stop the growth of bacteria by getting stagnant water. This is especially true for areas with high bacteria such as kitchen and bathroom.

They also reduce the presence of traces on a kitchen floor, bathroom floor or entrance area. The chances of a person slipping on the wet or damp ground will dissipate, believe me that it is easy to slip and fall.

Drying the surface will also give your freshly cleaned area a brighter finish.

  1. Stay focused and stay on track

Do not vary.

Distraction can cost valuable hours. I do not know about you, but I want to clean it up, do it and have fun.

Five or ten minutes of loss of concentration can turn the cleaning of your home into a day-to-day task and not travel around the house with many round-trip search tools, sprays, and cleaners.

Make sure you have some action plan with the right tools, and cleaning solutions can help with concentration.

Do not go too far from your plan and if you go birds, go back on the track.

  1. Do not perform multiple tasks!

I hear my hand on this point. Worship in the direction of the charge!

It is challenging and entertaining for multiple tasks while cleaning the house.

This is something that can cut you off. You can easily immerse yourself in a new project without ending the work you do, and before you know it all with the best intentions, you no longer have time.

Do not try to wash and dry clothes while cleaning your home. You may find that these two tasks remain unfinished.

When you clean, you can remove dirty laundry and put them in the laundry basket. Do the laundry later.

Stay focused on the task.

They work to keep it on time, make their life easier and maintain their sufficient cleanliness.

The approach may work for someone trying to entertain your small home or even a large home because these tips all have the same purpose, a way to clean a home.

There is now a faster way to clean your house.

A few years ago, I discovered that everything was wrong. I was in a hotel room when a cleaning lady arrived and sprayed a solution on all surfaces … and then left. When I thought I’d forgotten, he came back. It was dried for less than two minutes with a thin, dry cloth, and the whole place shone. It was frank never to let me make a solution of all the work, so I asked him what he had used. There was something called the butchery of Bath Mate, an industry booth.


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