Oven cleaning hacks you don’t want to miss

Cleaning the oven is one of the most feared spring cleaning jobs. But now in this article we are revealing a series of kitchen hacks that would teach you how you can get your appliance sparkling in no time at all – by using just a few simple products you probably already have in your home.

From eliminating oil by adding more oil to expelling bad smells with lemon and water, these are the very easy – and cheap – tricks that will clean what is often the dirtiest part of a kitchen.

Create your own cleaning agent

‘An attractive cleaning trick for treating persistent stains is to use a home-based oven cleaner,’

‘This helps save you time and money. A simple mixture of white vinegar and baking soda works wonders to help remove grease and grime.

‘The vinegar will react with the baking soda to foam gently.

‘Scrub the paste onto the area you need to clean and leave it for 30 minutes to get to work. Then once the time’s up, you should be able to rub the dirt away easily.’

Clean up your shelves in less than an hour

‘When was the last time you detached the shelves from your oven?’  ‘Probably not that lately. Though, in order to prepare your food in a hygienic situation, you need to safeguard that you keep them glittering clean.

‘A quick way to reinstate your shelves to their former magnificence is to place the shelves in a resalable plastic bag, spray with oven cleaner, seal the carrier, then leave to steep. Make sure you read the commands on the cleaning product and wear protective dress where necessary.

‘After 30 minutes, remove the canceling from the resalable bag. Rinse them under warm water and use a scourer to scrub away any residual burnt-on food.’

‘An old toothbrush is an indispensable oven-cleaning tool. Its soft hairs and flexible head allow you to clean areas that would otherwise be out of reach.

‘Even better, if you use an electric toothbrush, the vibration will help to untie any burnt-on food.

Remove oil with oil

‘It may sound odd, but you can eliminate oily build-up on the cover of your oven with oil.

‘In fact, this method will make clean-ups in the future really relaxed. Place a pair of drops of vegetable oil onto a paper cloth and rub it over the greasy area.

‘The oil helps to eliminate the grease deprived of the use of any harsh substances. Once clean, spray the areas with all-purpose oven cleaner to ensure that no oil remains.’

Banish bad smell easily

‘We’ve all baked a delightful meal only to have the smell linger for days.

‘If you’ve cooked rather especially strong, like fish, a few drops of vanilla or citrus essence can work miracles.

‘Simply add a few droplets in an ovenproof bowl filled with water. Slowly heat the vessel for an hour and you’ll soon rid your kitchen of those stinks.

Use car wax to clean grease

‘A dirty stove is a sure sign of a dirty oven. A thin coating of car wax on your hotplate can help remove built-up grease. Simply put on and wipe away.

‘If any dirt leftovers, don’t worry. To get a clay hob clean, sprinkle with baking soda and a few drops of water. Then wipe unsoiled with a soft cloth. If your oven has steel rings then place them in a resalable bag overnight with a drop of bleach and warm water. The next day, wipe the burners down and wash in warm, soapy water.’

Polish with Cream

‘Cream of tartar may seem like a strange cleaning creation to use on your oven, but it is tremendously useful at keeping stainless steel shiny.

‘Simply smear with a thin cloth, leave for 10 minutes, and then rub away.’

Remove stuck up food with dishwasher

‘Dishwasher tablets are outstanding at removing stuck-on food from your pots and pans in a dishwasher, so why should your oven be any diverse?

‘Take a dishwasher tablet and dip half of it in warm water. Next scrub the tablet over the built-up grease on your oven door and watch the burnt-on dirt wash away with minimal effort.’

‘Dishwasher tablets are outstanding at eliminating stuck-on food from your pots and pans in a dishwasher, so why should your oven be any different?

‘Take a dishwasher tablet and dip half of it in warm water. Next rub the tablet over the built-up fat on your oven door and watch the burnt-on dirt wash away with minimal exertion.’

Never scrub again

‘There’s a very rapid and easy way to fight grease and grime.

‘Make sure that your oven is totally cool and then spray oven cleaner into the corners. Leave instantaneous if you can; if not, vacate for at least four hours.

‘After the product has worked its magic, you should be able to simply wipe the grime away. If any burnt-on food remains, cover with your homemade cleaning solution of white vinegar and baking soda.’

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