List of Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

One of the dirtiest and unhygienic place in any home, is no doubt a bathroom and it usually consume your hours to get clean and sanitized as before. You purchase many solutions, cleaners and tools to make sure that washrooms are getting all the required cleaning on daily basis.

This blog will help you in your regular bathroom cleaning and suggest you the ideas that are cost saving as well:

Some of the quick and easy ideas that will help you in regular cleaning of your bathroom are:

  1. Move out all those unnecessary things from your bathroom that actually do not belong to it. We often take along stuff to the bathroom for some reason and never bring it out again including cloths, cups, stools, empty bottles of shampoos and body washes, wrappers of soap or even old tooth brushes.
  2. Bleach is one of the most used disinfectant to clean the toilet bowl. Turn on the fans and open door for proper ventilation while cleaning the toilet bowl with the help of toilet brush.
  3. The mixture of baking powder with vinegar or water in the ratio of 75/25 can be a cost saving hack of cleaning the floor as well as toilet bowl of your washroom.
  4. Don’t forget to dust thoroughly before you actually start washing your bathroom. Cobwebs in the top corners of your washroom can be cleaned with the help of a broom.
  5. Scrub Powder will help you in cleaning the especially dirty areas of your bathroom including sinks, tubs and around the faucets. Leave the scrub powder for 10-15 minutes and clean those dirty patches swiftly so it may not affect the color or paint of your equipment’s.

Apart from these ideas, old piece of cloth, toothbrush, a paper, sponge and rag can also help you out in the regular cleaning of your bathroom while saving your money to buy different tools to clean washrooms.

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