How to Manage Messy Eating and Food Throwing of Small Babies

Managing your toddler can be a very difficult task because of their moody behavior and demand of different things according to their mood. Like most annoying kids behavior this time shall also pass. Here are tips to manage your toddlers.

Expect the Worst

If you are ready for it, you will be less irritated and distressed. Much of the toddler behavior signifies a normal evolving stage. Part of the procedure of suffering and testing with different qualities and palates involves squashing their food, wiping it from all over the table, chewing it, wiping it from all over the table again and chewing it and spitting it out. When toddlers first discover to feed themselves by using utensils, it is a hit-and-miss state. Favorite foods, such as watermelon and spaghetti pulp, unavoidably leave their mark. Use a good stain remover for this purpose.

Keep the Mealtime Short

Get all the food ready before your toddler is ready and seated, and make sure he is starving when you put him into his seat. Remove the food away from his table when he is done eating.

Put Smaller Portions of Food

If your toddler intends to throw food on the floor, try placing small quantities of food in front of him at a time. Keep away from getting into the game where you recover everything he is throwing on the floor. He is going to get more fun then you will have. Save the cleaning for afterwards.

Use Special Equipment to Deal with Him

Divided plates with suction cups at the bottom can stick to your table and won’t be easily upturned. Cups and developmentally suitable stubby utensils or dippers makes lesser mess. Try using an apron that has a holder at the bottom of it to catch stray food. Whatsoever ends up in there is that much less to clean off the chair or floor after a meal.

Serve Much Healthier Food

Thicker and healthier foods such as oatmeal and apple sauces, are very much unlikely to fall from spoon. Small food portions can also be of very much help.

Double up the Utensils

Let your toddler handle himself and his eating with his set of utensils, while you can began feeding him with another set.

Mess Proof His Dining Area

Make sure the zone in which you are feeding is a mess-free zone. You may want to move his high chair or booster seat to a place where the floor is easy to handle or spread out a garbage bag below to catch his dropping of food. Keep the vacuum cleaner near.

Stay keep and calm

Instead of getting frustrated and angry upon your kid, try to handle him nicely by teaching him words like “Sorry”, “Thank you” and “I am sorry, mommy”.

Get a split map

While you might have the best bib in the world from which the chances of food dropping becomes zero, but chances are your floor is still going to cop a splash of mess when baby is adoring his dinner. A hard office-style PVC mat (the type that spins chairs sit on) is great for guarding your floor to get mess up because it won’t crumple up as you wipe it spotless. A cheaper alternative is a shower curtain, or even a garbage bag. You can also buy cute laminated cotton mats that are designed to sit under a high chair. A plastic play mat, which can be rapidly wiped clean, will also do the work nicely.

Opt for mess-free food

Solidified sauces that gripped to the spoon will be easier for little ones to measure up (and end up in their mouths) than messy liquid-y ones. Likewise, regular slippery fruits, such as bananas and peaches, in wheat germ or crumpled cereal will make them calmer for small fingers to grasp. Have a think about how you can make food as easy for your baby to eat as possible and chances are it won’t end squeezed between your toes.

Clean by hand to hand

Minimize the messy effect of baby and toddler meals by washing up as your baby eats. The old saying, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ should be your word when feeding bub. A quick wipe here or dab there will sparse you from having a post eatery destruction when your little one says “I have done eating mommy!” … but his eating part looks like a soup kitchen’s floor.

Invest in baby-tailored feeding equipment

We’ve already stated the use and advantage of a catchy bib, but there’s sufficiently many brilliant mess-reducing feeding thing out there. Things like plates and bowls which have a pressure ring on the bottom, which will stop them from flying off the food from the table when bub tries to throw his food. Also, a best feeding spoon (with a trivial bowl to slip into your baby’s mouth and protect his teeth) will not only help reduce leaks, but it will also help in feeding your little one to eat. Feeding spoons are as useful and attractive as babies thought of, so you should need to try a few out before you find and start using the right one for your kid. For toddlers who are up to nourish themselves, you can’t go past a short bowls set with molded channels for little fingers to easy hold. A sippy cup with a spill-free lid and easy-to-hold handles is also a must for keeping water, juice and other liquids off your floor. For babies and toddlers who like their veggies, meat and carbs parted, check out parted plates, which will not only cut down on mess, but tantrums too.

Serve finger food

Finger food is very easy to handle for your baby, because they make less mess and are great for developing baby’s taste buds. So let your baby adopt the original eating style and share those soft veggies into different sticks, while also cutting down on the mess.


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