How often you should really be washing your towels? And what happens when you don’t?

You might don’t know the fact, but it’s the truth. Your bath towel is hiding a little secret, a weekly or bi-weekly wash isn’t enough for you to make it neat and clean.

You only use your towel after scrubbing off in the shower, so it can’t get all that dirty, right? No, you are wrong. When you say that you’ve washed off some of the germs from your towel, you’re correct you have washed some of the germs from it. But others will stick round, and they get on your towel during your post-shower massage. Once those bacteria are on there, they will start to multiply. “It keeps building up as you use the towel again day after day”.

A study was conducted in a university in California and it states that used hand towels have 1000 times more coliform bacteria than newly bought ones. Bacteria love dark, moist surroundings, so they’ll flourish in a humid bathroom with the door shut.

Rubbing down with a dirty towel, and you could be at a risk for getting infected by it. When you use towel forcefully, it creates the tiny breaks in your skin, which are very small to notice and gives bacteria an entrance to get in your body.

Still it feels very unusual to actually get any disease from your daily towel, says disease specialist Aaron Glatt. Your own germs won’t make you sick, but you up your accidental chance of picking up a disease when you share other towels.

Even if you don’t let anyone use your towel, many doctors suggests that washing and cleaning towels every two or three days. The doctors also recommends that washing bath towels every two or three days. Hold out longer than that, and all those microorganisms will make your towel shabby. Dr. Tierno who is a skin doctor says; “You may not get sick afterward using a towel for two weeks, but that’s not the point,” “Would you put on dirty underwear (unless there’s an emergency) after you’ve taken a clean bath? It’s very similar to what you’re doing after the first couple of drying episodes.”

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If you’re acne-prone, you might want to swab your towel every occasion you use it, says Dr. Tierno. As you rub your skin—especially open abscesses —with a dirty towel, germs could get on your skin and provide you blackheads.

Between rinses, cut down bacteria growth by letting your towel dry fully, says Dr. Tierno. As an alternative of folding it, swathe open on the pole. The more exterior area is open to the air, the best it will dry-out. If you have a warmed towel rack that hustles up dry time, you might only want to wash after four times you uses it—but that’s “shoving it,” says Dr. Tierno.

Even though you might need to do more washing, don’t get idle. Bacteria aren’t in a haste to consent a thick cotton towel. “It’s really difficult to fresh those towels,” says Dr. Tierno. “Even with warm water, you have to go through from side to side a full cycle to eliminate them all.” Once it’s out, depart it in the dryer for at least 45 minutes to make sure all the dampness is gone, he says.


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