Have Fun Time With Your Kids

One should never expect cleanliness or organized stuff in a house which has kids in it. You may get irritated by their continuous trouble making nature and sometimes fail to deal with the mess they have created but you also must miss all of the noise and fun when they are not home. The childhood time of your kids is the most memorable time for any parent to live with. Their games, requests, wishes, mistakes and questions may get piss you off for a while but eventually you will love living these moments with them.

So, instead of restricting your little kids to have fun or to fully enjoy their freedom you should just change your strategy of dealing with them. There can be a lot of ways you can make your kids realize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to them without scolding them or keeping a strict attitude to them. Let us share some of the easy ways to deal with kids with you:

  1. If you want your kids to be as close to you as they are with their friends then never show them a false attitude to them over their mistakes and blunders. It is okay to have your most precious decoration pieces to get broken but the fear of your kid to hide the loss because of your anger is not good.
  2. Keep your precious and expensive stuff above the reach of your kids. Instead of asking them hundred times to not to touch your decoration sets it is better to keep them away from their approach because your kid is actually too young to understand that.
  3. Rewards always work with kids. Punishment brings and attitude of stubbornness in your kids and they intentionally repeat the same act again and again. If you will guide them through rewarding them their favorite things, toys, chocolates etc. They will clean their mess and organize their rooms daily without asking.


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