Find out the easiest way to clean your dirty fan blades

The difficulty with ceiling fans is that they continuously gather dust although you may not continuously see it, you still know it present there all the time. When you conclusively pull out the step stool and get around to dust it off, you end up dispersing the dust storm in the whole room. If you can relate this to your experience, we have a housework cleaning tip that will turn your old pillow case into your new best friend.

Learn how to sparkle your Ceiling Fan with Your Pillow Case.

  1. Stand up on a secure foot couch and slip an old cushion case around one of the fan knife-edges. Be careful not to hit off any dust throughout this step.
  2. With the pillowcase casing the length of the fan blade, slide the pillow case off of the knife-edge. Make sure sufficient pressure is applied to the top and end of the blade so that the pillowcase takes the dust with it.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining fan blades. Once again, be very careful not to fall.
  4. To clean your pillow cover, go outside and turn it inside out. Give it a decent shake and run it from side to side thoroughly and wash if you like. Keep it throughout your cleaning procedures until next time.

This pillow cover trick is an outstanding way to dust your fan blades deprived of transferring dust all over your bed, floor or coffee bench. At Rent me today, it’s our mission to help you provide less time cleaning so you can dedicate more time doing the stuff you love.


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