Clean Up Your House in One Day Only

Cleaning home can be a huge hurdle. Many people just feel tired just by thinking to clean and organize their house. In fact, this is true because there are thousands of things that needs to be done in a house like cleaning, dusting, mopping, organizing and thousands of things and can genuinely make a person tired. So, in order to get over this, we have compiled an easy and sleek way to get over the boredom of cleaning.

Gather Your Supplies

First things first. You should make a proper plan to clean and organize your home first. Don’t just start it. Make a plan and plan a complete day to clean.

The night before your big day of spring cleaning your home; gather supplies and place them at a place so that your time doesn’t waste the next day. The things might include trash bags, lint rollers, rubber gloves, a dry sponge and a dry cloth. Last but not the least an upbeat music to keep you motivated.

Don’t forget food

You might think to go and just start cleaning, but that’s not we will suggest. Plan the meals first so that the whole process moves smoothly. A healthy breakfast can boost up the energy in you and you can start your day on the right note. And plan dinner too, whether making something in slow cooker or just grilling anything out; make what you like the most.

Set a timer

Plan on how long you will be spending in each room doing a particular stuff and just stick to it. No phone calls, no talking, no TV sneak peeks just move along with what you had planned and stick to it. Try to complete 4-5 minutes before your specified time, so that you can have some time to get rest and move along to another task.

Start the laundry

Jump start your cleaning by going from room to room and collecting all the stuff which needs to be cleaned in laundry like slipcovers, curtains, rugs, bedsheets, clothes, socks and more can go in the washer for a hands keep off cleaning.

Head to the front door

After putting everything in the laundry move to your front door before starting your home. Give your entrance some attention. Dust the cobwebs by your porch light and change/clean the bulb if needed. Clean down the doorbell and mailbox. “Next time you come home, that entryway is going to be really welcoming to you,”

Start on the bathroom

Now that all of the things are aligned you can start the process of cleaning with bathroom. Most of the people hesitate to clean the bathroom because of the most untidy place in the home. But when you start your cleaning list with the bathroom, then everything will be so easy. Start cleaning by smearing products that work at dirt without any cleaning. Take off the toilet seat, then smear a glop of baking soda and water to the inner and outer of the toilet, particularly under the rim. Let those solutions do their magic while you clean the rest of your bathroom.

Get scrubbing

While all the other products are breaking down filthy, use some elbow grease in other places around the bathroom. Sprinkle baking soda over the sink and rub it away with a soft, wet cloth. Wipe down the mirror with a microfiber cleaning cloth—no other solution is needed. By the time you’re done with all that, you can easily bush down the toilet, shower, and shower head, and be out of the bathroom within half an hour.




Move on to the bedroom

Before moving up to the bedroom keep this in mind that not to sleep there. You are going just to clean it. With any room, start circling the room from top to bottom, and don’t drop dead on spots you have already cleaned up. Roll back an old pillowcase as if you were going to put a pillow inside, then close it over the fan blade. As you slide it back, the pillowcase will capture the dust in its place of letting it fall to the floor. Once the fan is clean, use an old mitten to wipe down your blinds.

Avoid to move the bedroom furniture

Your bed sheets must be in the washer by now, so this is the right time to freshen your mattress. Sprinkle some baking soda upon your mattress and clean it up by rubbing with any sponge. Technically speaking, it will remove the bad odor from your mattress. After some hours go and vacuum the baking soda off the mattress.

Freshen the living room

Spring cleaning is a great time to hit usually missed spots—a dry or damp Q-Tip can get in the gaps of a remote control, and a microfiber cloth should take characteristics off a light switch. Use a vinegar solution to wipe down a greasy baseboard, then follow with a dryer sheet once it’s dry.

Clean up the living room furniture

Place some coconut oil on a microfiber cloth and then rub down on furniture. All of the wooden furniture will shine out beautifully and it is much cheaper than any of the special wood polish. To clean the couch, take away all the cushions so you can vacuum between the gaps. Keep those tight chairs cleaner in the future by tucking a sheet among the cushions.

Head to the dining room

If you light up the candle in your living room, wipe down the walls with warm water so that you can rid of any soot build up. Next, as you clean the table and chairs, make sure to scrub the underside of the seats.

Wash your kitchen cabinets

Using your top-down plan, clean off your kitchen cabinet knobs and doors. Wipe them with a cleaning spray, then polish the wood with coconut oil. Next scrub your freezer and fridge for food that is damaged or has freezer burn.


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