8 Ways To Use lemon As a Cleaning Agent In Your Kitchen

How much money do you spend weekly on buying these different kinds of cleaning agents for your kitchen? What if we ask you to not to waste your money anymore on such things in fact you can have hundred times better cleaning of your home, kitchen and bathrooms without these expensive cleaning agents.

There are a lot of home remedies we have been hearing about for so long to clean and outshine your home in a quick and easy way but we hardly apply any of that due to lack of time and prefer to purchase things easily. We will be sharing with you some of the quickest, easiest, cost effective and convenient ways to clean your home with a lemon:

  1. The sticky stains and dirt in your microwave which is near to impossible to clean and wash can easily be rinsed off with a lemon. Try it now!
  2. No need to buy new wooden cutting boards. Pour a drop or two on wooden cutting boards and clean it with your sponge.
  3. To remove stains from counter top has always been a challenge for you. Lemon water solution can help you in this regard
  4. Let’s keep two or three lemons as an all-purpose kitchen cleaner that can help you at any time with your cleaning
  5. Clean your tarnished cookware with the help of lemon easily.
  6. Don’t let it stink through the garbage disposal comes inside your home. Clean it with lemon and see the difference
  7. Put two drops of lemon on dishes and scrub the remaining food on them easily
  8. The plastic containers usually get a lot of smell in them. You can easily deodorize them with lemon


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