5 Steps Guide to Organize Your Closet This Weekend

It surely has been a long time you have not emptied your closet and organize your stuff as you are too confused to understand where to start from. There are many cloths in your closet you are not using from years but still do not get enough time to collect all of them and giveaway to someone who really needs it.

We will show you 5 simple steps that are not only meant to save your time but you are going to get the well-organized closet for the first time making enough space to have separate sections for everything:

  1. It is okay to let it go: Take out all the extra sheets you have been keeping from years in your closet and keep only 2 of them. Don’ worry! It is okay to let it go. You are not going to use all of them at once, it is better to make place in your closet and make room for all the extra sheets and old cloths either in your store or give away to someone.
  2. Things you use most often: After making enough space in your closet and keeping everything out of it, separate the cloths, sheets and stuff you use on regular basis. Now keep those things at the front of your closet while placing other seasonal cloths at the back. This will save you from daily mess of your closet.
  3. Shoe Boxes can be a great Organizer: No need to throw away the old shoe boxes this time. Keep them in one of the sections of your closet and place your makeup, nail polishes, accessories and jewelries into them.
  4. Place your Shoes Upright: Your boots usually cover most of the space in your closet so it is better to keep them in an upright position. This will save your time in choosing the right pair of shoes even in a hurry.
  5. Fruit Basket: If you are a worried mum who has to organize the toys of kids in the same closet, fruit basket will help you for keeping them in place.

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