4 Easy Methods To Clean Your Kitchen Sponges Free From Bacteria

Kitchen sponges are widely used in almost all the households. From dishes to sinks, sponges are used to clean almost all apparatuses of your kitchen mostly. But have you ever thought that your sponge might be producing a significant amount of bacteria? As sponges are used to clean variety of things, and the chances of getting bacteria in sponges are very much likely to be multiplied more often than other household items. You should consider these 5 simple hacks to keep your sponge clean and hygienic.


This is probably the most common method of cleaning. Just rinse the sponge and keep it in the microwave for two minutes. Make sure the sponge is wet else it will catch fire in microwave!


This, too, is a simple method of cleaning a sponge. Place the sponge in the dishwasher when washing the dishes and use the “Dry” feature. This method kills 99.99% of germs!

Bleach Soak

First, mix 3/4 cup of bleach and one gallon of water, in a large tub simultaneously. Then, place a sponge in the mixture for five minutes. (Use hot water to increase efficiency). Let it dry for a couple of minutes and have a germ free sponge for your work.

A cool tip: Mix the mixture in your kitchen basin to clean both the sink and the scrubber at once!

Vinegar Soak

Place scrubber in a small vessel and pour in 6 ounces of vinegar. Let it get soaked for 5 minutes, leave it for minutes and have a clean sponge.

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